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What Is Digital Marketing? And How Digital Marketing Activities Can Boost Your Business?

A few years ago, there was only one type of marketing. Since the beginning of the decade, it’s all about digital marketing that’s quite different from the kind of marketing we’re used to.

If the word ‘digital marketing’ is new to you, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn about digital marketing, it is different shapes, and the top digital marketing activities.

What is Digital Marketing?

It’s a type of marketing that encompasses marketing activities that uses the internet. Digital marketing leverage electronic devices that use the internet to spread the message.

Digital marketing channels include search engines, social media platforms, email, websites, and other channels that operate on the internet. Today, marketing agencies focus more on digital marketing, social media marketing, and other forms of internet marketing than traditional marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broader term, which refers to:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The collection of several practices to improve your ranking on search engines is called SEO.

  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)

The practice of promoting your products or services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others.

  • PPC (Pay-per-click)

It involves paying advertising platforms to show your products to their audience and drive traffic to your websites selling services or products. You’re charged for each click on your ad.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Promoting someone else’s products or services and earning a commission per sale is called affiliate marketing.

  • Email Marketing

Communicating with your audience through emails and encouraging them to but your products or services is called email marketing.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to creating, distributing, and publishing content assets to spread awareness/information or generating leads for a business. Content marketing is about writing blog posts, articles, newsletters, ebooks, white papers, and infographics.

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

It’s the practice of promoting your websites to improve their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) by paid advertisement.

How Digital Marketing Boost A Business?

With technological evolution, businesses need to take many steps to keep up with the competition or surpass competitors. Even brick & mortar stores are now using internet marketing or digital marketing to expand their audience and work beyond their geographical location. By hiring a marketing agency, you can build an effective digital marketing strategy to steer your marketing spending appropriately.

There are several ways digital marketing helps businesses to boost their business growth. Some of them include:

  • Wider reach

One of the most significant benefits of digital marketing is its ability to attract a vast audience. You can use digital marketing, social media marketing, and other forms of internet marketing to target your potential customers in a different geographical location.

Digital marketing campaigns can easily be set up, scale-up/down quickly, and easily change the target audience.

  • Brand awareness

An important factor that leads to business growth is better brand awareness. Digital marketing uses effective marketing campaigns that enable you to put your best face forward and build high-quality brand awareness. You can use social media marketing to communicate with your audience at a competent level, develop strong relations with them, and create brand awareness effectively & efficiently.

  • Cost-effective & Improved ROI

Digital marketing lets you target your ideal audience, which ensures that your marketing budget is spent rightly. Digital marketing allows you to focus your potential customers in the right way, at the right time, and in the right place. Unlike conventional marketing, you don’t need to spend too much on TV ads, expensive billboard displays, and costly advertisements. With digital marketing, you get better results at a better cost.

As compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is easy to control, monitor, measure, and improve. You get better analytics with actionable information to improve your campaign and target your audience even more effectively. Digital marketing brings a continuous flow of leads, which can be coveted consumers. As a result, you get improved ROI.

Some Important Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Search Engine Optimization; perform on-page & off-page SEO

Arguably, SEO is the most important digital marketing activity. It’s a collection of practices that provide organic traffic. If you are considering digital marketing for your business, make sure SEO is part of your digital marketing strategy. Without SEO, you can’t achieve results efficiently.

  • Social Media Marketing; post regularly.

Social media marketing is critical to your success in digital marketing. When we talk about digital marketing’s ability to connect us with a broader audience, we refer to social media uses. If you want to build your reputation online, build a loyal audience, generate sales, and regularly use social media. Make sure you post relevant, engaging, and informative content.

  • Content Marketing; create a content calendar.

Content marketing is an integral part of digital marketing, and every digital marketing agency emphasizes the need for content marketing. Therefore, it’s essential to have content marketing in your digital marketing plan.

Content marketing needs extensive planning and requires you to create a content calendar. Like any strategy, content marketing strategy should have a detailed plan. Content calendar steers your content marketing strategy rightly and helps you stay consistent.

  • Guest Posting

Guest posting is part of content marketing, and it’s essential to build your credibility on the internet. Try to establish your presence on high-authority online publications by consistently publishing high-quality and highly informative blog posts.

You can drive a considerable amount of traffic to your website, build your reputation as an expert business, and someone with an exceptional understanding of the subject.

  • Video Marketing

Today, one particular digital marketing activity that’s very popular is video marketing. A considerable share of internet users spends time watching videos on social media platforms. Video marketing is a great way to connect with your audience effectively. As long as you stick to the best practices, you can use video marketing to acquire great benefits.

  • Podcast

Podcasting is a highly popular digital marketing activity in the current world. The reason behind its success is that the audience can listen to podcasts whenever they want. It can work as a great tool to build your reputation, authority, and brand awareness. A podcast is an easy-to-made and easy-to-consume form of content.

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a popular digital marketing activity that promises cost-effective results. Today, social media influencers are highly in demand. The reason is that they have a specific audience that qualifies as an ideal audience for several businesses. Marketers approach them and ask them to endorse their product or service and just spread the message to their audience/followers.

Every marketing agency knows the importance of influencer marketing; that’s why they’re in contact with industry-relevant influencers and help you connect with them. You can leverage the power of a social media influencer to bring leads/consumers to your business.

Digital marketing is currently the most potent form of marketing. It offers valuable results with limited spending. Both small businesses and enterprise businesses can leverage their potential to expand their businesses and boost business growth.

You can get in touch with a digital marketing agency to design an effective digital marketing strategy.

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