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Clubhouse, should your brand be on this platform?

Surely you have already heard about this audio application called Clubhouse, and if not, sooner rather than later, you will.

While many people are just beginning to get curious and inquire about this application's operation, large brands and companies are beginning to want to have a presence on this digital platform because everyone talks about it.

However, should your business be on this platform? Let's find out!

What is Clubhouse? How does it work?

To better understand if your brand needs to have a Clubhouse presence, it is essential to understand what this social network is about and how it works.

Clubhouse is a digital platform that allows people to converse in real-time, share stories, collaborate, and share ideas through voice alone.

What is it that distinguishes Clubhouse from other apps? Basically, the exclusivity, since there are limitations to enter, for example, if you have an Android Smartphone, you can only reserve the username, but you can't get in. Also, you can only be within this platform if you have an invitation or are let in by people who are already within this new social network.

How to use Clubhouse as a communication channel in your digital marketing strategy?

Now that we know, we will tell you a couple of signs that will help you identify if you should have a presence in this digital platform at this time.

• The target: it will seem that we constantly repeat it in our social network posts or blog articles from time to time, but without a doubt, it is one of the most critical points to understanding if it is worth investing efforts in this channel. Clubhouse consumers begin at the age of 25.

• Clubhouse offers the ability to connect with professionals outside of your industry or niche through hyper-segmented clubs based on your interests, themes, or people you want to listen to, allowing you to connect directly with your target audience.

• The content is ephemeral, something handy if you want to generate in your community that feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out), since what is discussed in each club is not saved to watch the "transmission" again. Ideal if you want to have virtual events that are relatively inexpensive.

• It is a perfect platform to give talks and bring guests who speak on a specific topic as an interview.

• Allows you to get closer to your community because you can permit to speak to people in the public or listeners. However, there is currently no chat available to talk to the audience.

After reading these articles about Clubhouse, do you think your brand should have a presence in this digital platform?

If the answer is yes, let us give you some tips to optimize your account and your talks.

• Upload a sharp profile photo; This is key!

• Write a biography that explains who you are, what you do, and that has a hook in the first couple of lines. Something positive about this is that you can extend more than the Instagram bios by enriching with more details about yourself. Remember that when people enter a profile, they have the option to "View full profile".

• Before starting a chat room, make sure you have the ideal title for your talk since it cannot be edited later.

• If you have other social networks like Instagram or Twitter, link them to your profile! You have to click on the settings icon and follow the steps; they are pretty intuitive!

• Spread the word on other social networks that you will have an exclusive chat through this platform so that your community grows more and more.

• Use the room calendar so that when people click on this icon, you are more likely to schedule a reminder, so they don't miss your talk.

• Interact with other rooms in your niche and, if possible, raise your hand to be invited to the stage!

After having devoured this article, what do you think about this new tool to communicate digitally? Would you incorporate it into your marketing strategy, or would you give it a more personal use? Let us know your opinion in the comments! If you liked this post, share it with someone who needs to catch up on the latest digital communication trends.

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