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7 Tips For Creating Engaging Social Media Content

The amount of content posted on social media every day is mind-boggling! Considering this, how can you create content on social media that would get the attention and provide valuer for your audience?

There are more than 3 billion users that are active on social media today, which means your prospective customers may be among them.

Because of this, it is essential to have an effective strategy to create a post on social media that will generate significant views, engagement, and actions.

Studies have shown that 92% of users rely on referrals and word of mouth communication before making purchasing decisions. Word of mouth has proved to be a cost-effective way of increasing sales.

You can turn your brand name into a household name and set your followers into fans through social media content. Only a robust social media content strategy results in this form of effect. It is not sufficient to appear on each platform and update the audience occasionally if you have the time.

Through the identification of specific goals, useful posts, and content distribution on the right platform, you can achieve a perfect social media account. You can then monitor your performance and over time, change your strategy.

Let's consider some strategies for developing engaging social media content.

1. Begin a conversation

Since the main objective of social media is to create engagement, we suggested creating conversations that will trigger several mentions about your brand in your target market.

Ensure that the main discussion centers around your brand.

2. Create a poll

Another strategy that will trigger conversation and engage your audience on social media is to create a poll. Creating a poll will enable them to submit their opinions and feedback concerning a product or service. This strategy is also essential when focusing on a target market.

You can start by creating a poll on the type of content your audience expects you to provide or even ideas on improvements on services, products, and website features.

3. Tell a story

Another method of triggering content engagement or emotion is storytelling. You can tell a story about your product, brand, or customer that can make others relate to your content, and it will also prompt users to share your story.

Ensure that your story is interesting, educational, unique with a visual representation. Steer clear of emotional content that will trigger pain, sadness, or anger. These content types usually end up generating negative reviews about a brand.

4. Include social credibility

Considering the recent algorithms on major social network platforms, it has become complicated for organic posts to reach more audiences except through paid social ads. However, an option is to employ influencer marketing.

Influence marketing is employing the social account of an influencer to increase referrals and content engagement. An influencer is an individual with a significant number of followers and one who can trigger a healthy engagement level in a particular industry or niche on social media.

5. Use social media tools

Several paid and free tools can be employed on social media to locate and identify influencers that are well suited to your brand image and target market.

You can use some social media services like are Hootsuite, Buzzsumo, Trendspotter, Followerwonk (Twitter only), Tailwind, and so on.

This social media tools can help you monitor and analyze your brand, and help you identify the level of engagement your post and brand is generating.

Some of the services that can be used to monitor brand mentions are,,, and so on.

6. Respond to mentions

Another method that has proven to work is by looking at conversations about your brand.

After this, you can comment, like, and share these posts to increase the level of engagement.

Remember always to make sure that your social media content is relevant yo your brand values.

7. Include hashtags in your content

Hashtags are prevalent, and they can be used to segment your content, allowing you to connect with more users that are interested in your content. You can search for trending hashtags in your niche and include them in your post, and this will also increase your click-through rate.


The tips provided above will help you increase the level of engagement of your posts on social media. Still, the most important thing is to understand your audience. Know the type of content that resonates with them, and don't forget to monitor and analyze your results.

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