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7 Latest Social Media Trends 2020

What are the latest social media trends 2020?

2019 is all set to say goodbye, a lot of new things on their way. Some are replacing the existing ones, while the existing ones will be more stable than before. In simple words, there is so much to welcome and watch, and the latest social media trends in 2020 are one of them.

No doubt, social media has become synonymous with digital marketing. Social media is no more static, and what worked a few months ago will not work the same way and show the same results. However, it’s even more crucial for marketers to learn about ever-changing marketing trends to stay ahead of the curve. So today, we are here with the 7 latest social media trends 2020.

Read this article and get to know about the latest social media trends 2020.

Latest Social Media Trends 2020

Here are some latest social media trends 2020 to follow and stay updated to fuel your strategy and make your business stand out in the crowd.

1. Short-Lived Content Is On Fire:

Ephemeral content is gaining popularity and will be trending in 2020. The reason is simple: the audience loves short-duration content, which appears for a specific time and then disappears. An excellent example of ephemeral content is Instagram and Snapchat stories. Priorities have got changed now; the audience is always looking for short span content, just like stories. The reason is, they are quick, engaging, to-the-point, and addictive. People can spend hours scrolling through one Instagram story after another.

Marketers are observing this trend and looking for ways to use it for their business to get an advantage. According to a report generated by Hootsuite, almost 64% of marketers either have fused Instagram stories into their marketing strategies or plan to.

2. TikTok Is A Big Market:

Do you know more ad money will be spent on a popular social platform— TikTok? An average user spends more than 45 minutes on TikTok. It’s more span than on Facebook, so it can be seen that the audience has shifted its interest in more engaging and attracting content. So yes, TikTok will draw off incremental ad budgets from Facebook.

Moreover, TikTok has started in 2014 and has gained popularity among youth instantly.

3. Instagram Will Keep Rocking:

No doubt, Instagram has been there and will be there in 2020 as well. But you will find popularity in the story ad. Businesses have the opportunity to create well-rounded campaigns for their audience at all stages of the funnel. It helps to build brand awareness and to drive conversion more effectively.

4. Video Content Will Dominate:

Everyone loves video content; people love to experience visuals with audio. Nowadays, images are not enough to drive sales. Video content is an engaging form and will keep dominating social media. It’s the master of all materials. No matter the size of video content, people love to watch it, and so will be trendy in 2020.

According to the Cisco report, by 2022, almost 82% of all online content will be in the form of video content. So for here, you can check the importance of video content for your business. However, if you are not creating videos for your business, then this is the time to do so. You need to include video content on your website, which is related to your services. And what can be the best way than short stories! J

For businesses, it will be a great opportunity!

5. Technology Adoption Is What Your Business Need:

You will observe a significant rise in the adoption of the latest technologies like AR (Augmented reality) and of course, VR (Virtual Reality). A user wants to experience something good, engaging, and attracting, and that’s only possible with these technologies. Well, the good news is that Facebook has already taken a step by introducing Horizon; let’s see when other social media platforms add something. But yes, soon you are going to experience something innovative for businesses.

This type of virtual world is helpful for people because it let them connect, explore, and play games. Just like Pubg, this is the best way to provide a platform for interaction and developing social connections.

We are hopeful for VR adoption in social media, but not sure about AR. Although AR filters are being used on many social media platforms likes Snapchat and Instagram. However, still, many other platforms need to work on it. These technologies are the best to enhance the visual content experience on social media.

6. Influencer Marketing Will Continue to Rising:

Influencer marketing is not a new term in the social media world. But surely, this is going to rule in 2020. Till now, social media is dominating by influencers who are earning enough amount for promoting brands. The rising trend of influencer marketing is for various reasons; one is for the increasing number of influencers on social platforms. While, on the other hand, due to an increase in marketing spend on those influencers by businesses.

A significant benefit of investing in the influencer market is it’s a cheap option as compared to running paid ad campaigns. Above all, it gives good results. There are various influencers in the market, helping businesses in achieving their marketing goals. The voice of influencer marketing is bold, visible, and stronger.

That’s why marketers are investing in this type of market, and don’t believe in engaging with only 1 or 2 influencers, but with a bunch of the whole network of various niches. The reason is, it’s easy, simple, and cost-effective. So in 2020, we can observe an enormous gain in the popularity of this trend.

7. Using Exclusivity To Drive Sales:

You cannot underestimate the power of velvet rope. After all, your exclusiveness has a high impact on your audience. People always look for what they don’t. However, various businesses use scarcity marketing to get sales. When it comes to social media, the perfect way is to set up secret pages on Facebook. Those pages are set by-invitation-only! Yes, being a business, you can set specific criteria that every single shopper will get an invite to your secret group. The benefit of these groups is to gather all your loyal customers at a platform and give them access to exclusive discounts and deals. Additionally, companies can use this technique to provide advanced announcements on their product launches or even sales.

This marketing method helps you to develop a loyal and robust relationship with your frequent customers. However, if you are not comfortable with making pages completely exclusive, still you can opt for closed groups. With all these, you can have a balance of exclusivity and accessibility for clients.

It may sound a new thing, but it’s not. Businesses have been doing it for long. But surely, you will observe the trend of this in 2020.

Wrap Up:

These are some latest social media trends 2020, which you will observe in business strategies. It’s always recommended to stay ahead of others. However, for that, you need to aware of what’s happening and what’s going to be to get success in your industry. Well, that’s only possible when you get yourself educated about the latest social media trends.

So if you have something interesting to share with us, then do let us know! J

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